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Etnia Barcelona


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Etnia BarcelonaEtnia Barcelona Glasses are crafted by partnering with the most technologically advanced manufacturers to make each component of the pair of eyeglasses of the highest quality resources and design. Through innovative strategy and an extensive knowledge of anatomy, Etnia Barcelona designs and produces each element of the eyewear to result in a pair of glasses defined by high quality and ultimate comfort.

Every detail, from the highest quality mineral lenses made by Barberini in Italy, to the design of an intelligent hinge mechanism which adapts to individual facial features, makes Etnia Barcelona eyewear feel great on any face.

With devotion to each and every detail including the subtleties of color and form, Etnia Barcelona eyewear evokes a natural elegance, similar to a work of art.

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Eyeglasses that express the art of being yourself

Put on a pair of Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses to announce your desire to go beyond – beyond the rules and beyond the moments of contemporary fashion. At Ray Dahl Optical & Optometrists, we are proud to offer Sidney a full collection of Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses.

Etnia Barcelona, an independent eyewear brand born in 2001, was established by David Pellicer. As a free-spirited teen, he began working at his father’s eyeglasses factory at age 17. Over time, he assumed responsibility of all daily operations. Inspired by the rich and colorful history of Spain, it was then that Etnia Barcelona began to emerge as the creative and reputable company that turned the eyewear industry on its head.Optometrist, Eyeglasses in Sidney, BC.

A discovery of color

Why limit your optical look to brown, black, and steel-gray? Etnia Barcelona offers eyeglasses in every imaginable hue. We invite you to explore the beautiful display in our Sidney office to find the color combination that best conveys your personality and mood.

Commitment to quality

To build each pair of Etnia Barcelona eyeglass frames, pulverized cotton and acetone is mixed together into a paste before color is added. Various pressing processes are then put into motion before the acetate is cured, cut, and laminated. At that point, it is set in molds and shaped into a block form – where it ages for about 12 weeks. Once the blocks are removed from their molds, the material is cut precisely according to the desired measurements. The last step is to form the high quality, durable acetate sheets into Etnia Barcelona frame fronts and temples.

The superior quality of Etnia Barcelona doesn’t stop with the frames. The lenses are all crafted from everlasting mineral compositions, such as Barberini crystal lenses for the sunglasses.

Focus on artistic design

Anyone who chooses Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses is making a public statement about their discerning eye for great design. These frames are made for those who dare to look further than conventional norms, into where revolutions are made. Each pair of frames is regarded as a work of art, and every design detail is considered.

Some of the world’s most esteemed artists have provided the creative inspiration for Etnia Barcelona’s recent lines of eyeglasses. Every collection embodies a sense of innovation, hinting to the works of cultural artists such as Steve McCurry, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Nobuyoshi Araki. A glance through the Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses in our Sidney store will remind you of visits to an art gallery.

Global force in eyewear

At present, Etnia Barcelona has more than 12,000 retail outlets located in more than 60 countries. Driven by their motto that everyone deserves to have their own particular vision in the world, this eyeglasses company is expanding continuously.

Etnia in Sidney

Ray Dahl Optical & Optometrists is thrilled to offer these original eyeglasses in Sidney. Stop by anytime to look through our newest collection by Etnia Barcelona, and our optical staff will be happy to help fit you with a pair that helps you express the art of being yourself.