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Progressive Lenses for Presbyopia

Optometrsit,Hoya Progressive Lenses in Bevan Ave, Sidney, BC,

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Presbyopia refers to a common age-related vision condition that makes it difficult to read fine print or see objects up close. If you’ve noticed that text is getting blurry, it’s time to schedule an eye exam with our first-rate optometrist in our Wainwright office, where we are pleased to serve patients from Lloydminster and surrounding neighborhoods. Using precise refractive technology, we’ll check your eyes to diagnose presbyopia and determine your current vision prescription.

Progressive Lenses Offer Hi-Tech Vision Correction

In past years, vision correction for presbyopia consisted of wearing bifocal glasses. These lenses had an unattractive line that split the lens into two parts: one to see near, and one to see distance. Everything in between close and far was fuzzy. In addition, people saw a line running across your eyes when they looked at you. Fortunately, no-line progressive lenses by HOYA changed all of that.

Hoya’s progressive lenses feature a transition region in the middle, which enables your eyes to focus on intermediate distances. The lenses curve gradually, thereby providing continuous and comfortable vision at all distances.

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Benefits of Hoya Lenses

Not all progressive lenses are created the same. While factory molded progressive lenses are available from many retail stores, they only fit average lens powers and certain frames. These lower grade glasses will not provide you with the same crisp vision as Hoya lenses.

Hoya is the leading manufacturer of high-quality progressives. With a new type of design technology, their high-caliber lenses enable eye care specialists to give patients the most accurate vision correction for each individual. With the unique HOYALUX iD technology, our optometrist will provide you with progressive lenses that are customized to match the way your natural eyes view the world.

Hoya is the first technology to craft the lens shape on both the front and back, which grants a smoother transition when switching vision between close and far distances. In addition, your viewing zone will be much wider, without irritating distortions in your peripheral vision.
Optometrsit,Hoya Progressive Lenses in Bevan Ave, Sidney, BC,

We Are Your HOYA-AUTHORIZED Eye Care Practice in Alberta!

A cut above the rest of the progressive lenses out there, exclusive Hoya lenses are only available from specific eye doctors. We are proud to offer Hoya progressive lenses at Prairie Vision, located conveniently in Wainwright, serving patients from Lloydminster and other Alberta communities

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